Brand New Toys

More than 100 weapons on release, complete with attachments and camos. Featuring both old and new perks and equipments, ranging from the classic Dead Silence to the infamous Stim Shot. All of your favorite arsenal in one big package.

Emblematic Maps

40+ of the most iconic maps from across the Call of Duty timeline. Experience intense Gun Game matches on Shipment, hop in a fierce faceoff on Erosion, or hit your favorite trickshots from Highrise's crane like the good old days.

Controller Support

Inclusion of fully native controller support with aim assist. Play your matches using your controller of choice, with the exact same settings you would use on a console.

Check Out Our Latest Gameplay

Welcome to Gun Game in sm². 25 random weapons with random attachments each game. Available in Wager Matches, Custom Games and the Server Browser.


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