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Confirmed Weapons List

A list of all confirmed weapons to be available at launch in sm². Remember, the contents of this list are subject to change, and not all weapons may make it in. Assault Rifles AK-47 (Black Ops) AUG (Black Ops) Bal-27 (Advanced Warfare) Commando (Black Ops) FAMAS (Black Ops) M4A1 (Modern Warfare 3) Maddox RFB (Black…
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Progression and Unlocks

When development on sm² was restarted early this year, we shifted our focus from a traditional mod to a complete multiplayer experience, and as such we’ve added new progression systems and ways to unlock gear. For that reason, there won’t be any unlock all commands, and we’ve implemented various forms of stat protection to make…
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What is sm²?

sm² is a modded Call of Duty client based off the MW2 engine with all new features, weapons, perks, streaks, maps, QOL changes and more, all designed on top of our revamped gameplay to create a fun and balanced experience. New features? Tell me more. 100+ weapons on release, complete with attachments and camos. 24…
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