Frequently Asked Questions


What is sm²?

sm² is a modded Call of Duty client based off the MW2 engine with all new features, weapons, perks, streaks, maps, QOL changes and more, all designed on top of our revamped gameplay to create a fun and balanced experience.

New features? Tell me more.

  • 100+ weapons on release, complete with attachments and camos.
  • 24 perks, some new, some old.
  • We’re re-introducing MW3’s pointstreak system, along with all 3 strike chains (Assault, Support, Specialist) and some new streaks for you to play with.
  • A complete party system, including voice chat, and the ability to join servers together.
  • A new currency system: Credits (Cr), along with Wager Matches.
  • Restored MW2’s removed clantag support.
  • A new Melee weapon slot, similar to Modern Warfare Remastered.
  • 40+ Main Menu music options.
  • A brand new progression system (c.f
  • A one-click ping system for enemies, danger, objectives and more.
  • Every menu, every HUD, redesigned.
  • Native controller support with Aim Assist.
  • And much, much more that we plan to share later.

What are the goals for sm²?

Our main goal is to create our dream Call of Duty game. A mash-up of the best COD experiences in one place, completely free and player-friendly, with on-going updates and community feedback to help make this project the best it can be.

We don’t want to just make another MW2, we want to make a fresh experience while staying true to COD traditions and giving sm² it’s own identity.

Is this like IW4x or Plutonium games/clients?

Not at all. However, we have great respect for XLabs and Plutonium, and projects like this wouldn’t be possible without them.

Getting & playing the game

“I want to play this now, how do I get the game?????”

We have no f***ing clue, the game isn’t out yet. Alternatively I can invite you at my house to try it out if you’re nice (not real, pls don’t come at my house).

Is there a release date, Alpha or Beta?

No, and please don’t ask about them! When there will be confirmed dates, you’ll know.

Will the game be easy to download, and how will the account system work?

We obviously want to make it as easy as possible for people to get into the game, so you should expect an easy download process. Can’t say much on account systems at this time.

Is there a rough idea of when we could see this project rolled out? Also do you guys plan on doing any sort of open/closed Beta prior to release?

We honestly couldn’t give a date, even if we wanted to. We are still in VERY early stages and despite the videos we have shown, a lot is still to do. Betas or technical builds are something we’ll eventually think about further in the future, but considering the amount of work that needs to be done, we can’t really give any details on these either.

Will there at least be a chance for content creators to get their hands on the game early?


Technical Details

Will sm² be available on consoles?

No, and never will be. There is a gargantuan amount of roadblocks when it comes to this, from the development itself to the distribution of the game, to the point that a console release is simply unthinkable. However, with the implementation of controller support with aim assist, the game will be friendly to console players.

What are the game’s system requirements?

Roughly the same as the original Modern Warfare 2 game. Keep in mind that the game is a decade old now, and pretty much any computer that you could find on the market today should be able to run the game at a playable state, even non-gaming machines.


Why use the MW2 engine and not something newer and up-to-date?

There is over a decade of research into development on the IW4 engine. It is the most flexible engine as of now and is easily modifiable, which is perfect for our use case. Also, if we refer to the question just above, it is a very low-end-pc-friendly engine, which -we hope- will make people consider playing the game even when not having a gaming PC. Please don’t ask us to use the MW19 engine, there are many reasons why that’s not happening. :engin:
NB: It’s also the best, no bias 😉

Will there be an anticheat?

Yes, however we won’t be sharing any details on it for very obvious reasons.

In-depth look at Features

Is there any PVE/Zombies/Survival modes, or even a Campaign?

No, and none of these are currently planned.

What Call of Duty titles will the game feature maps from?

COD4, MW2, MW3 and COD:OL. The latter includes BO1 and BO2 maps, as well as some unique COD:OL ones.

What can we expect when it comes to weapons? Is there a detailed list yet?

We currently have a set of confirmed weapons that you can find via This is not the complete list, as we want to reveal more weapons as time goes on. Please note that our weapons list is pretty much finalized already.

Will there be voice chat?

Yes! This includes party chat, in-game chat and death chat.

Will servers have any mods or will it just be a vanilla ruleset?

At launch, we want players to experience the game the way we intended it, go through our progression system and become familiar with all the content we have available. For that reason we don’t plan on allowing mods on servers at launch, but once the release period is over, we can think more about that.

Can we expect to see matchmaking implemented into the game, or just servers?

Only if you ask nicely :shroog:

What game modes can we expect to see at launch that weren’t in MW2? Also do you plan on adding other ones later on?

Cranked, Kill Confirmed, Search & Rescue and a whole lot of fun party modes just to name a few. Obviously we don’t want to reveal them all at once. We’ll add more later for sure.

Are there any deathstreaks or ‘annoying’ perks?

No, deathstreaks are out of the window. We understand the reasoning behind them but this is not something we’re really fond of. In other words, FUCK YOU LAST STAND, but for real this time.

Will there be features added to the mechanics/settings/gameplay that weren’t originally in MW2?

For now, we’ve implemented various features such as Independant FOV Scaling, separate Melee Weapon slots and what we call “3D Scopes” for sniper rifles. Other than that, we can’t say much on new mechanics at this time.

Can we expect to see any competitive aspect added or just casual gameplay? (Ex. League Play, Custom Games Rule Set)

We are working on a competitive gamemode that we hope will appeal to both console players and Promod players, can’t say much else yet.

What will Custom Games/Private Match be like? Will it be easy for friends to join one another off accounts or possibly even an option for games to show up on the server list?

Private Matches will be as easy as joining/inviting through a friends list. They won’t show on a server list as that’s what dedicated servers are for. The settings available to the host are similar to MW2, but with the addition of bots. We also have a “lobby code” system; it will generate a randomized code that you can share, which will allow other people, even non-friends, to join.

What aspects of the game are customizable? Are they all unlocked through the in game currency system?

We have a wide variety of cosmetic items available through either completing challenges or buying items with credits. You can buy items with credits in the in-game Shop (which is all in-game credits, no real $$ involved) and our Seasonal system. We plan to offer camos, emblems, calling cards, cosmetic weapon variants, reticles and player models.

Will theater mode have an MVM tool or something similar?

Probably not at launch, but basic functionalities will be there to atleast save your clips.

Will there be some form of Offline Play?

Yes, you will be able to play against Bots in Private Matches. It will not be fully Offline though, as you still need an internet connection in order to log in. Note that progression will be completely disabled; you need to play online to gather XP and Credits.


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