Progression and Unlocks

When development on sm² was restarted early this year, we shifted our focus from a traditional mod to a complete multiplayer experience, and as such we’ve added new progression systems and ways to unlock gear. For that reason, there won’t be any unlock all commands, and we’ve implemented various forms of stat protection to make sure players play the game as intended.

With that aside, let’s get into the details on our progression systems. Reminder, anything you read here is subject to change, and any screenshots represent an in-development build.

Experience and Prestige

Early screenshot of Career menu

We’ve always loved the original levelling journey present in the older COD games, but it’s a bit outdated and to update it into a modern context, we’ve put our own spin on it while still keeping the legacy Prestige feeling.

You’ll start your journey at Level 1, and work your way up to Level 100. Once you reach Level 100, you have the option of staying at Level 100, or entering Prestige mode.

When you enter Prestige for the first time, all your stats will be reset, and you’ll start your road to Grand Master Prestige at level 1 without your previously purchased gear. From here on, you’re on a journey straight to Level 1000. After entering Prestige Mode for the first time, there are no more resets. Every 50 levels we’ll reward you with Prestige Tokens and Credits. Your tokens can then be spent in the Prestige Store, where you can buy Custom Class slots, Prestige icons and more.

Once you hit Level 1000, your playercard will be gilded, and everything in the Prestige Store will be free to purchase.

*You will keep any items bought from the Store when entering prestige mode or advancing your prestige.

Unlocking Gear

Throughout the history of Call of Duty, we’ve seen many different ways to unlock gear, including COD Points, Squad Points and more commonly unlocking weapons as you level up.

In sm², we’re introducing a new currency used throughout the entire experience called Credits (Cr).

Early screenshot of Tactical Weapon select menu

Once you unlock the Loadouts feature at Level 4, you have unlimited access to the 100+ weapons available in sm². Weapons have a fixed price depending on their class, and can be bought at any time provided you have the funds for it. It’s non-refundable, so choose wisely.

Weapon Progression

Early screenshot of Weapon Editing

After purchasing a weapon, equip it on your class and you can begin levelling it up with Weapon XP. Every weapon has a Weapon XP rank cap of 10, and attachments are unlocked as you level up your weapon. You’ll always have two attachment slots and a camo slot from the start so you won’t need to unlock those.

While attachments are unlocked by levelling up the weapon, camos are unlocked through Challenges. Complete all the camo challenges for a weapon and reach Weapon Level 10 to unlock Gold camo. Do this for all the weapons in a weapon class and you’ll unlock Chrome camo for those weapons.

Perks, Equipment and Pointstreaks

Rather than always being available to purchase, you’ll have to reach the required level first to buy the perk, equipment or pointstreak you want. This makes sure you always have something to work towards. As seen in Ghosts, being able to unlock whatever, whenever with Squad Points hurt the Multiplayer progression and made levelling almost obsolete. We want to avoid that, and give players more reasons to keep playing.

The Store

To give players more freedom when choosing how to spend their Credits, we’ve added the Rewards Store.

In the Rewards Store, you’ll find exclusive items that, while attractive, don’t come cheap and it can be a hard choice between buying a new weapon, or saving up for a Store item.

Currently, you can find the following item types in the Store:

  • Melee Weapons
  • Emblems
  • Calling Cards
  • Signature Weapon Variants (cosmetic only)
  • Camos
  • Reticles
  • Player Models

These items come in 4 different rarities, Common, Rare, Ultra, Exotic and can be purchased at any time if you can afford it, and won’t be reset during Prestige.

And just in case you weren’t already sure, Credits are strictly earned in-game, and spent in-game. There is no money involved, and no microtransactions.

That’s all we have to share today, make sure you join the Discord and follow our social media (YouTube & Twitter) to stay up to date.

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