What is sm²?

What is sm²?

sm² is a modded Call of Duty client based off the MW2 engine with all new features, weapons, perks, streaks, maps, QOL changes and more, all designed on top of our revamped gameplay to create a fun and balanced experience.

New features? Tell me more.

  • 100+ weapons on release, complete with attachments and camos.
  • 24 perks, some new, some old.
  • We’re re-introducing MW3’s point streak system, along with all 3 strike chains (Assault, Support, Specialist) and some new streaks for you to play with.
  • A complete party system, including voice chat, and the ability to join servers together.
  • A new currency system: Credits (Cr), along with Wager Matches.
  • Restored MW2’s removed clan tag support.
  • A new Melee weapon slot, similar to Modern Warfare Remastered.
  • 40+ free Menu Music options. (outdated video here: https://youtu.be/_xlZOOfq2OA)
  • A brand new progression system
  • A one-click ping system for enemies, danger, objectives, and more.
  • Every menu, every HUD, redesigned.
  • And much, much more that we plan to share later.

What are our goals for sm²?

Our main goal is to create our dream Call of Duty game. A mash-up of the best COD experiences in one place, completely free and player-friendly, with on-going updates and community feedback to help make this project the best it can be.

We don’t want to just make another MW2, we want to make a fresh experience while staying true to COD traditions and giving sm² it’s own identity.

Controller Support?

sm² has native controller support, as well as the addition of Aim Assist.

Is this IW4x or Plutonium?

No. However, we have great respect for XLabs and Plutonium, and projects like this wouldn’t be possible without them.

Is there any PVE/Zombies/Survival modes?

No, and not currently planned.

Stay up to date with sm² on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube!